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‘In all my years of professional experience I have been driven by two things:
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Silvana Ek
CEO TranslatorsBox

The company’s CEO, Silvana Ek, is a fully trained, highly accredited conference interpreter, expert in legal and medical communication who ensures quality in all events and meetings.

With over 20 years of experience and a solid worldwide network of experienced conference interpreters across the world in different languages, Silvana will select the best team for your meeting or event in particular.

Silvana is also a highly skilled professional in other areas which are linked to her career as an interpreter due to her bespoke, highly personal approach and to the extensive network of connections she has developed worldwide. You may also want to contact Silvana Ek regarding her ability to communicate in over half a dozen languages and her broad professional experience in the fields of Destination Management company, Luxury Concierge Services, exclusive Real Estate broker and Voice Over recordings.

Interpreting Services

We are the people behind the technology who make the difference

On-line Distance Simultaneous Interpreting

Technological developments and governmental requirements that regulate social distancing have transformed the world as we see it regarding meetings and events, which has resulted in conference interpreters being in a completely different location from the conference speakers. New software enables interpreters to work remotely, either from hubs or from their home studios.

On-Site Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation is the preferred mode of choice for many events, as the original speaker’s words can be interpreted into several different spoken or sign languages in real time. This type of service requires a booth equipped adequately and a sound technician. Often known as simultaneous translation, this type of service requires professional conference interpreters who have undergone rigorous training.


Consecutive interpretation is generally used for smaller, more intimate meetings and diplomatic visits. The interpreter listens to the speaker and takes notes before delivering the interpretation in the target language during the speakers’ pause. For consecutive interpretation the interpreter and speaker are seated next to one another, the only equipment required being microphones and a solid technique of an experienced interpreter.

Our vision

Is to enable outstanding communication between different nations across the world in any domain.

Whispering Interpretation

Whispered interpretation, commonly referred to as “chuchotage”, is often used in combination with consecutive interpreting. The interpreter, who must excel in simultaneous and consecutive techniques, whispers as in simultaneous interpretation into the ears of one or two delegates, but when those delegates take the floor the interpreter takes notes and, once they have finished speaking, conveys their remarks to the other meeting participants in consecutive mode.

Tour Guide interpreting 

When delegates and interpreters need to be on the move, simultaneous interpreting can be provided using a small tour-guide system. The system consists only of a radio transmitter and headsets, making it light and easy to carry. It can also be used when there are too many delegates for whispered interpretation.

Voice Over
& Podcast

In a highly digital world we communicate ever more frequently through recorded material such as videos and podcasts. Such content can also be translated into other languages by putting a voice over the recording and making it accessible to a wider audience.

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